What Has Been Said About Our Work?

In a word, marvelous. It completely satisfies our need for a handsome publication that includes history and stories about our alumni that even we Alumni Association longtimers didn’t know about until a few months ago… or ever. My goal was to create a definitive publication that will both define and galvanize our organization, and I think that’s exactly what we’ve created. Thanks especially to Ana and Craig Collins for a lot of work on interviews and editing (I am picky) that took the magazine to the next level… even as it grew from a projected 96-page book, initially, to 180 pages.

As I have told Ana, I recommend that this publication be nominated for awards. I was the editor of a magazine issue that won an APEX Grand Award several years ago, and I think the Presidential Scholars magazine is at the same level of excellence… especially because very little of the material in it was “off the shelf”–we had to locate materials and alumni and do darn near all of it from scratch. The nominations are due in early March 2015, as I recall: http://www.apexawards.com/

We should have enough copies, I think, to distribute the book to the next 3-5 years’ worth of Scholars, which is about right. Although it’s such a nice book, we might get quite a few more requests for hardcopies than we expected. I’m awaiting details on how our alums and others can directly request a hardcopy (so that I don’t have to be the middleman and contact Alexis when someone asks), but there is not an immediate rush on that detail. Our plan is to keep the book’s release quiet until just before our reunion in June (see Brian’s e-mail), and make the big splash then.

I commented to Ana about a couple of minor details about the final hardcopy, but nothing major. Overall, a great job, and just exactly what I envisioned back in 2012.

Dr. John A. Knox
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
University of Georgia50 Years of Presidential Scholars: In Pursuit of Excellence

All I can say is that I’m over the moon about it. I never dreamed it could be so beautiful, so substantial, so worthwhile. John did a remarkable job pulling so much information together in such an engaging way. And so many wonderful photographs—they capture the diversity and vitality of who we are.

This publication is a milestone for us — it documents our fifty year history in a way that will inform scholars and citizens fifty years into the future. You have done an amazing job of pulling together the financial support. Also an amazing job of conquering this gargantuan editorial and design task in such a short period of time. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it could be done.

I can’t wait to see the looks of excitement on the faces of our Summit attendees when they see this marvelous publication. We are so grateful for what you have done with this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Faith Brynie
Vice Chair, U.S. Presidential Foundation50 Years of Presidential Scholars: In Pursuit of Excellence

Faircount Media Group produced a fantastic 20th Anniversary Keepsake Publication for WEN. Not only was the publication informative and extremely attractive, but the publication led us to new potential sponsors for our group and helped get info on WEN out to a whole new group of women. The process was not completely effortless, but required significantly less effort and resulted in a much better product than if we had tried to produce it ourselves.

Lori McDowell
Director – Commercial Development, Refining and Chemicals
MathesonWomen’s Energy Network: 20 Years of Advancing Women In Energy